COVID-19 Resources — PPE

2.18.21 – Counterfeit Respirators

Read about them HERE


FDA Emergency Use Authorization for PPE (Including KN95 Respirators)

Personal Protective Equipment EUAs


New information: KN95 respirator masks (from China) CANNOT be disinfected

3M cannot recommend decontamination of FFRs, because FFRs are not designed to be decontaminated, and doing so voids the regulatory approval

If you receive a KN90 mask in your facility, these can only be considered a face mask

It is recommended that the use of KN90 respirators be considered a Crisis Capacity Strategy and that they be used where masks would otherwise be used

3M resource with pictures on different respirators imported during the Pandemic: 3M Filtering Facepiece Respirators Imported to U.S. from Asia by FEMA

FEMA FACT SHEET Coronavirus Pandemic Response: PPE Packages for Nursing Homes

FEMA Advisory 5.2.20 – Coronavirus Pandemic Response: PPE Packages for Nursing Homes

Nebraska DHHS Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Needs Form


PPE Extenders:

Cloth Mask Information

Peek-A-Boo Patterns free PDF for sewing isolation gown

CDC: Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE

FDA: Surgical Mask and Gown Conservation Strategies- letter to Healthcare Providers

Nebraska Medicine COVID-19 PPE Guidance: Extended Use and Limited Reuse of Disposable Facemasks, Respirators and Protective Eyewear

COVID-19: Conserving PPE Emory University School of Medicine Posters and Training Videos


PPE use guidance:

User Seal Check for N95 Respirators

NETEC Donning and Doffing Printable Posters

NETEC PPE Competency Validation Checklist (Checklist- with Answers)

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