COVID-19 Tools for LTCF

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General Resources:
NETEC COVID-19 Webinar Series: Innovative Engineering Controls to Contain COVID. Recording can be accessed here.

Reporting Forms and Directions for AL Facilities to NE DHHS

Below are the documents you need to report to the state. Please return the contact form, so the DHHS team has your information if there’s ever a need to reach out to you, and your template with all the results, positives and negatives within 24 hours of testing to   Note: you only need to fill in the contact sheet once.  Please contact Nebraska ICAP or to obtain the password for the template.

Dr Fein at DHHS ( is the reporting authority for assisted living facilities. ICAP usually gets AL data from this reporting system.

If any additional reporting is required, Dr. Fein will know and the attached forms will get you started. However, it is best to check with Dr. Fein on if it is necessary for you.

Implementation Guide – for CSV or Excel files reportings

NEDHHS Pre-Onboarding form Version-2.1

Reporting Template for Labs


COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

Resources for Screening: Residents, Staff and Visitors

Guidance from DHHS and Other Regulatory Bodies

Long Term Care

Tools for Isolation


Plans for Reopening

LTCF Physical Environment References and Information

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