Gold Members

90+% Vaccine Wall of Honor GOLD Members

Azria Health, Gretna


   Azria Health, Gretna have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We were excited to be able to get the vaccine on 12/28/20. We had all but 3 residents who did not get the vaccine. We had about 80-85% of our staff that received the vaccine the first vaccination clinic. Staff were really excited to get the vaccine and hopefully get the facility back to normal visitation, residents eating together and being able to socialize without any restrictions. This has been so difficult for not just the residents but also the staff to watch them have to visit through glass doors and not be able to just give them a hug. In preparation for the second clinic we contacted all of the employees who decided originally not to get the vaccine to ensure that their questions were answered. We wanted to make sure that if they have changed their minds we would make sure they would be able to get the vaccine. We still have a small number of staff who either had COVID and chose not to get the vaccine or who have chosen not to get the vaccine based on their physician recommendations. We haven’t really changed anything in our day-to-day practice since we still need to await the data and new recommendations for Skilled Nursing Facilities.. ”  — Azria Health, Gretna

Havelock Manor, Lincoln

 Havelock Manor, Lincoln have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We have had no residents with Covid  ” — Havelock Manor, Lincoln

Hillcrest Mable Rose, Bellevue

       Hillcrest Mable Rose, Bellevue have 90% of their staff vaccinated.



“Very proud of the Mable Rose Team and Residents for such a high vaccination rate. There is a great sense of hope that surrounds this achievement..”                         — Hillcrest Mable Rose, Bellevue

Hillcrest Millard, Omaha

Hillcrest Millard, Omaha have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Proud to announce over 90% of our Team Members and Guests were vaccinated at our Community..” — Hillcrest Millard, Omaha

Hillcrest Silver Ridge, Gretna

 Hillcrest Silver Ridge, Gretna have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Proud to have 92% of Team Members and 97% of Residents vaccinated at our Community.” — Hillcrest Silver Ridge, Gretna

Samaritan Springs, Beatrice

Samaritan Springs, Beatrice have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We had 100% of our residents receive the vaccine and 90% of staff receive the vaccine. Our residents were very eager to get the vaccine in hopes of returning to some type of normal lifestyle. The staff received the vaccine for the residents as well. ” — Samaritan Springs, Beatrice

Valley View, Fullerton

  Valley View, Fullerton have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


” Extremely proud that 99% of our staff and 100% of our residents received the COVID-19 vaccine! Staff received the vaccine with the health and safety of our residents and community in mind, and now our residents are anxiously awaiting March 1st, as that is the day we can “open up” to visitors inside!! ”                                — Valley View, Fullerton, NE

Page last reviewed: February 23, 2021