Gold Members

90+% Vaccine Wall of Honor GOLD Members

Azria Health, Gretna


   Azria Health, Gretna have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We were excited to be able to get the vaccine on 12/28/20. We had about 80-85% of our staff that received the vaccine the first vaccination clinic. Staff were really excited to get the vaccine and hopefully get the facility back to normal visitation, residents eating together and being able to socialize without any restrictions. This has been so difficult for not just the residents but also the staff to watch them have to visit through glass doors and not be able to just give them a hug. In preparation for the second clinic we contacted all of the employees who decided originally not to get the vaccine to ensure that their questions were answered. We wanted to make sure that if they have changed their minds we would make sure they would be able to get the vaccine. We still have a small number of staff who either had COVID and chose not to get the vaccine or who have chosen not to get the vaccine based on their physician recommendations. We haven’t really changed anything in our day-to-day practice since we still need to await the data and new recommendations for Skilled Nursing Facilities.. ”  — Azria Health, Gretna

Central Nebraska Veterans'Home, Kearney

   Central Nebraska Veterans’ Home, Kearney have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“After fighting COVID-19 for so long, the arrival of the vaccine felt like the dawn of a new day at the Central Nebraska Veterans’ Home.  CNVH worked to make its vaccination clinics special for teammates and members, with inspirational music playing as the vaccine arrived at the home as well as “I rocked the shot” stickers and treats for those who received the vaccine. After their vaccination, teammates went to an observation room where they could watch the classic TV show Happy Days since this was such a happy and historical day in our fight against COVID-19! The team’s dedication to our veterans’ homes members is apparent in our 97% vaccination rate for teammates. ”  — Central Nebraska Veterans Home, Kearney

Greeley Care Home and AL, Greeley

  Greeley Care Home and AL, Greeley have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Our facility staff was excited to get the Vaccine, so that our residents could start living life with family and friends again.  We have 45 staff total- 42 received the vaccine. Things have not changed -waiting for guidance from CMS..” — Greeley Care Home and AL, Greeley


Havelock Manor, Lincoln

 Havelock Manor, Lincoln have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We have had no residents with Covid  ” — Havelock Manor, Lincoln

Hillcrest Mable Rose, Bellevue

       Hillcrest Mable Rose, Bellevue have 90% of their staff vaccinated.



“Very proud of the Mable Rose Team for such a high vaccination rate. There is a great sense of hope that surrounds this achievement.” — Hillcrest Mable Rose, Bellevue

Hillcrest Millard, Omaha

Hillcrest Millard, Omaha have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Proud to announce over 90% of our Team Members were vaccinated at our Community..” — Hillcrest Millard, Omaha

Hillcrest Silver Ridge, Gretna

 Hillcrest Silver Ridge, Gretna have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Proud to have 92% of Team Members vaccinated at our Community.” — Hillcrest Silver Ridge, Gretna

House of Hope AL and Memory Care, Omaha

House of Hope AL and Memory Care have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Our residents and staff are amazing. They welcomed the vaccine and look forward to days when COVID is not a concern.” — House of Hope AL and Memory Care, Omaha

Kingswood Court Assisted Living, Surperior

Kingswood Court, Superior have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Kingswood Court Assisted Living had all but one staff member get the Covid-19 vaccine. They were willing to do whatever it took to keep themselves, residents, and loved ones healthy, in hopes of allowing some new form of normalcy back into their daily lives!” — Kingswood Court, Superior

Nebraska P.E.O. Home, Beatrice

   Nebraska P.E.O. Home, Beatrice have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“It was trying on all involved, residents, staff, and families when it first started, many feeling it was not necessary to take such precautions. We were very fortunate; however, we did not have any residents with COVID-19. We had 3 staff members test positive but at different times but no outbreaks due to these positives. Some of the barriers, were getting families and staff to understand the seriousness of the pandemic at first. Residents with memory issues, not being able to remember or comprehend what was going on; or why we would wear those “ridiculous masks or face shields”. With technology we were able to keep residents in touch in with their families with use of Zoom and Facebook Portal – the average age of our ladies is 97 (two are 100) and it was fun to share the technology with them. Our maintenance director made a she-shed (we are an all women ALF) for visitation during the winter months, heated and divided to keep residents seeing their loved ones. Since vaccinations have occurred, residents are definitely excited as visitation is opening up and see the light at the end of the tunnel!” —Nebraska P.E.O. Home, Beatrice

Rosewood Court, Henderson

Rosewood Court, Henderson have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Rosewood Court Assisted Living is located on the Henderson Health Care campus. 100% of staff have received both vaccination doses.  No staff ever tested positive. All the residents are anticipating seeing their loved ones again soon!” — Rosewood Court, Henderson

Royale Oaks, Omaha

Royal Oaks, Omaha have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Our residents were thrilled to receive the COVID vaccine!” — Royale Oaks, Omaha

Samaritan Springs, Beatrice

Samaritan Springs, Beatrice have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We had 90% of staff receive the vaccine. Our residents are very eager to return to some type of normal lifestyle. The staff received the vaccine for the residents as well. ” — Samaritan Springs, Beatrice

Shepherd's Village, Blair

Shepherd’s Village have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Residents and staff welcomed the opportunity to be vaccinated with open arms and sleeves rolled up.  Staff and residents knew that getting vaccinated was a major step in being able to allow residents to reconnect with their loved ones in person instead of just through technology, a closed window, or a room divider.  They were eager to be a part of “Project Hug” through Good Shepherd’s partnership with Community Pharmacy. Good Shepherd Lutheran Community includes both Good Shepherd Lutheran Home (Skilled and Long-term care facility) and Shepherd’s Village – Assisted Living. Good Shepherd Lutheran Home had 70% of the staff fully vaccinated by February 9, 2021.” — Shepherd’s Village

Southview Heights, Omaha

Southview Heights have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“Too Tired to Explain. Doing Better Now!” — Southview Heights

Tabitha in Crete

Tabitha in Crete have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We were able to go back and discuss with several that had refused the vaccine and now that most of the staff are vaccinated, they changed their mind! We spent a great deal of one on one time with every staff member which was very time consuming but well worth it! Our county positivity rate has changed dramatically! Our residents are so much more hopeful of what their future holds and grateful for all of our staff for getting vaccinated to help protect them! ” — Tabitha in Crete

Valley View, Fullerton

  Valley View, Fullerton have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


” Extremely proud that 99% of our staff received the COVID-19 vaccine! Staff received the vaccine with the health and safety of our residents and community in mind, and now our residents are anxiously awaiting March 1st, as that is the day we can “open up” to visitors inside!!— Valley View, Fullerton, NE

The Village at Regional West, Scottsbluff

  The Village at Regional West have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


”We started talking about vaccines way before they became available to us. We took the time to answer our residents and staffs questions. When the vaccine was offered to us we had a very good response rate to getting vaccinated. We continue to vaccinate new residents as they come in.” — The Village at Regional West, Scottsbluff, NE

The Waterford at Miracle Hills, Omaha

The Waterford at Miracle Hills have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“The unknown was one the biggest barrier we face with regards to our journey.”— The Waterford at Miracle Hills

The Willows, Neligh

The Willows have 90% of their staff vaccinated.


“We celebrated with tears of joy!”— The Willows

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