School Health

Experienced infection prevention trained nurses and physicians provide free risk assessments and gap analysis of infection control and prevention measures in schools across the state of Nebraska to maintain safe, in-person learning. ICAP offers evidence-based best practice guidelines and resources to assist with mitigation of gaps identified during assessments.

If your facility is interested in scheduling an assessment of your school, please click HERE to submit a request or call (402) 552-2881.  Click HERE for more information.

State and Regulatory Standards Related to Infection Prevention in Schools

Influenza Prevention in Schools

CDC Guidance to Reduce Spread of Seasonal Influenza in Schools

Cleaning and Disinfection in Schools

Hand Hygiene in Schools

CDC Promote Clean Hands in Schools

Germ Smart Kids: How-To Handwashing Video

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

Page last reviewed: February 22, 2022

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