Silver Members

80+% Vaccine Wall of Honor SILVER Members

Arbor Care Center, Hartington

Arbor Care Center, Hartington have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“The majority of our staff  were on board! We really didn’t have any barriers. The employee’s that declined the vaccine were related to current or past health conditions. Our staff is amazing in the aspect that they are all here for our residents best interest, and that meant getting the vaccine to keep them safe! I am very proud of our team! Nothing has really changed since the vaccinations, however, everyone is getting excited to see our county positivity rate continue to decline! Great jobNebraska!!”   — Arbor Care, Hartington

Arbor Care Center Valhaven, Valley

Arbor Care Center Valhaven, Valley have 80% of their staff vaccinated.



“We are extremely proud to announce that over 80% of our employees have successfully received the COVID-19 vaccine! Our staff realize that participating in the vaccine distribution is one step in the right direction to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to achieve this goal with the help of ICAP by providing our employees with valid educational resources about the COVID-19 vaccine. At Arbor Care Centers-Valhaven, resident care and safety is our top priority.”   — Arbor Care Valhaven, Valley

Cedarwood, Fairbury

Cedarwood, Fairbury have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“We are among the small percentage in the state who have not had any residents with Covid!  We are very proud of that!  We are 100% on our resident vaccination and working our way up to our goal of Gold with staff. Thank you for all your your encouragement and wisdom.”  — Cedarwood, Fairbury

Douglas County Health Center, Omaha

Douglas County Health Center, Omaha have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“After a year like no other, the vaccine was like a breath of fresh air.  Finally, a light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. The vaccine was a way that we could give our residents some sense of normalcy back.  Now our residents have been able to visit, in person, and hug their loved ones again.  That physical touch is some of the best medicine that could ever be prescribed.”  — Douglas County Health Center, Omaha

Eastern NE Veterans Home, Bellevue

Eastern NE Veterans Home have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“ENVH has risen to 80% of teammates vaccinated and is now at Silver Status! Below is their information from their Bronze Status submission. Please let me know if you want any additional info.  The teammates at the Eastern Nebraska Veterans’ Home have worked hard to keep COVID-19 out of our facility. Along with the proper use of PPE and excellent COVID-related infection control practices, we are proud of reaching the 70% threshold of teammate vaccinations. We went all out to make our vaccination clinics a celebration since it is so exciting to have this new tool against COVID. We made cutouts of leadership as superheroes in the fight against COVID, put up special thank you posters throughout the facility, and provided treats to everyone who got the vaccine. We will continue to strive for 100% of our teammates to become fully vaccinated in our ongoing efforts to keep our Veteran Heroes safe from COVID-19.”  — Eastern NE Veterans Home

The Evergreen, O'Neill

The Evergreen, O’Neill have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“Due to our staff’s dedication and commitment to our residents we were able to keep Covid-19 out of our building and 0% of our residents contacted the virus. This required 100% of the staff to be diligent with masking, distancing and hand hygiene not only while at work but when outside of work as well. They essentially put their social lives on hold for the last eleven months in order to accomplish this. All of the Evergreen’s residents and direct care staff have received their vaccinations.”   — The Evergreen, O’Neill

Falls City Care Center, Falls City

Falls City Care Center have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“After sensing more vaccine hesitancy than I had originally anticipated we began our mission to better educate our staff. A couple weeks before our first vaccine clinic date (Jan 11th) we began asking each employee where they stood on the decision to vaccinate or not. We found the perfect opportunity to do so was during our COVID testing dates since we had a couple minutes of privacy to ask them a few questions, provide answers to their concerns and debunk false information floating about the facility. As time grew closer to vaccine clinic date more started to feel more confident in their decisions. We had 15 of 65 employees decline vaccination on our first clinic and reduced to 10 of 65 declines during our second vaccine clinic. Today we completed our 3rd clinic by finishing up second doses for 12 employees.

The 10 declines had a variety of reasons why they decline – fertility concerns from a couple high school age, and the majority of the rest had concerns with putting a vaccine they felt was rushed into their body not knowing the long term effects.

I must say my most convincing statement to undecided staff that used the “too new, not enough study” theory was to ask them if they knew the long term effects of actually having the virus – many would answer “no, it hasn’t been studied enough”. With this said I would typically reply with asking them to weigh their risks and decide which was the biggest risk to them personally – the virus itself or the vaccine side effects.”  — Falls City Care Center

Heritage Care Center, Fairbury

Heritage Care Center, Fairbury have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“Hitting the milestone of 80% has been our goal this whole season. We will continue to educate and encourage the remaining 10% of our employees. We are seeing the benefits of the vaccine and want everyone to be excited for this honor.”  — Heritage Care Center, Fairbury

Hillcrest Grand Lodge, Papillion

Hillcrest Grand Lodge, Papillion have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“We are proud to have 89% of Hillcrest Grand Lodge Team Members vaccinated. We are proud that our Team Members have stepped up to enhance the lives of our Residents during this difficult time. We are thankful for such supportive Residents and families. We can’t wait for everyone to be reunited again!”  — Hillcrest Grand Lodge, Papillion

Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Papillion

Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Papillion have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“After nearly a year of social distancing, COVID precautions, additional PPE and fear of outbreaks we have willingly taken our vaccinations in the hope that we resume some pattern of normalcy for our “family”. We continue to encourage any and all team members to get their vaccinations and practice safe behaviors outside of work. We have been very fortunate our the side effects of the vaccinations were very mild.”  — Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Papillion

Jefferson Community Health & Life- Gardenside, Fairbury

Jefferson Community Health & Life – Gardenside, Fairbury have over 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“Our staff has worked incredibly hard to keep our residents free from COVID-19.  We are  proud to say we have had no residents with COVID-19 thus far.  We have 80.6% of staff taking the vaccine.”   — Jefferson Community Health & Life – Gardenside

The Meriwether, La Vista

The Meriwether, La Vista have over 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“Protecting our employees and residents is a priority at the Meriwether. The biggest barrier we faced was all the misinformation out there about the vaccine. However, we were able to provide education and answer any concerns for our staff and residents and then let them decide. Currently we are at 84% and each week this number is going up! The residents are able to see their loved ones and we could not be more happy for them! ”  — The Meriwether, La Vista

Pawnee City Assisted Living

Pawnee City Assisted Living have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“All of our staff other than two PRN staff received their vaccines. We also have two new hires that just recently started, and they will be getting their first round tomorrow”  — Pawnee City Assisted Living

Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center, Seward

Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“As in every nursing facility, it has been a wild ride full of up’s, and down’s. The vaccines have made it possible for our residents and staff to have more up’s and live in a more “green” world! It’s been amazing having our families back in our facility and seeing the smiles they bring to our residents! Thank you to our residents, their families and our dedicated staff for taking the risk to get the vaccine to bring back Dignity in Life to our residents.”  — Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center, Seward

Wakefield Health Care Center

Wakefield Health Care Center have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“We were able to achieve 80%+ because our staff and families want to return to having open doors to help improve the quality of life for all of our residents. We most definitely miss our visitors, entertainers, and ourpets!  Our county is finally in the Yellow! We are excited to have indoor visitation again.”  — Wakefield Care Center

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