Silver Members

80+% Vaccine Wall of Honor SILVER Members

The Evergreen, O'Neill

The Evergreen, O’Neill have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“Due to our staff’s dedication and commitment to our residents we were able to keep Covid-19 out of our building and 0% of our residents contacted the virus. This required 100% of the staff to be diligent with masking, distancing and hand hygiene not only while at work but when outside of work as well. They essentially put their social lives on hold for the last eleven months in order to accomplish this. All of the Evergreen’s residents and direct care staff have received their vaccinations.”   — The Evergreen, O’Neill

Hillcrest Grand Lodge, Papillion

Hillcrest Grand Lodge, Papillion have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“We are proud to have 89% of Hillcrest Grand Lodge Team Members and 100% of our Residents vaccinated. We are proud that our Team Members have stepped up to enhance the lives of our Residents during this difficult time. We are thankful for such supportive Residents and families. We can’t wait for everyone to be reunited again!”  — Hillcrest Grand Lodge, Papillion

Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Papillion

Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Papillion have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“After nearly a year of social distancing, COVID precautions, additional PPE and fear of outbreaks we have willingly taken our vaccinations in the hope that we resume some pattern of normalcy for our “family”. We continue to encourage any and all team members to get their vaccinations and practice safe behaviors outside of work. We have been very fortunate our the side effects of the vaccinations were very mild.”  — Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Papillion

Jefferson Community Health & Life- Gardenside, Fairbury

Jefferson Community Health & Life – Gardenside, Fairbury have over 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“Our staff has worked incredibly hard to keep our residents free from COVID-19.  We are  proud to say we have had no residents with COVID-19 thus far.  We have 97% of residents taking the vaccine and staff are at 80.6%.”   — Jefferson Community Health & Life – Gardenside

Pawnee City Assisted Living, Pawnee City

Pawnee City Assisted Living have 80% of their staff vaccinated.


“All of our staff other than two PRN staff received their vaccines. All residents have participated too. We also have two new hires that just recently started, and they will be getting their first round tomorrow”  — Pawnee City Assisted Living

Page last reviewed: February 22, 2021