Dental Facilities

OSHA ETS update


The Nebraska Infection Control Assessment and Promotion Program (ICAP) team is committed to supporting many different healthcare providers in their infection control needs. We are happy to provide resources for dental facilities that relate to infection control and prevention. The following resources have been collected to help support dental facilities in providing the most up to date and accurate information regarding infection control.

If your facility is looking for information specifically related to COVID-19 and dentistry, please visit the COVID-19 specific page on the ICAP website here.

Links to the Mouthy I.P. Podcasts

The Mouthy I.P. Podcast Key Takeaway Documents

Covid-19 Respirator Info

Interim Covid-19 Guidance

CDC Infection Control Recommendations

OSHA Regulations

Dental Healthcare Setting Tools

Dental Healthcare Infection Control Training Modules (CDC)

Page last reviewed: September 27, 2021