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Pathogens of Interest

The Nebraska Infection Control Assessment and Promotion Program (ICAP) team is committed to supporting many different healthcare providers in their infection prevention and control needs. We are happy to provide resources that are tailored to Special, Emerging and Pathogens of Interest in different healthcare setting types.

The following resources have been collected to help support healthcare facilities in providing the most up to date and accurate information regarding infection prevention and control.

If your facility has questions relating to a current outbreak, exposure or pathogen of interest, please call our team at (402)552-2881 to be connected with an experienced Infection Preventionist.

CDC Health Alert Network (HAN) Alerts


NE DHHS HAN Update | West Nile Virus Update

On July 9, 2024 the NE DHHS released a HAN update about West Nile Virus in Nebraska. You can find…


NE DHHS News Release | Nebraska West Nile Virus 2024 Update

On June 26, 2024 the Ne DHHS posted a news release regarding the Nebraska West Nile Virus 2024 Update. You…


NE DHHS HAN | Summertime Respiratory Disease Update

On June 7, 2024 Ne DHHS released a HAN Update regarding Summertime Respiratory Disease Updates on MERS-CoV and Novel Influenza.…


CDC and CMS Present Stories from the Field: Immunization Strategies for Long Term Care

The CDC and CMS are hosting a webinar for QIN-QIOs and nursing home leaders, medical directors, directors of nursing and…


Nebraska Respiratory Illness Dashboard

Note: The dashboard is updated by Nebraska DHHS on a weekly basis. At the bottom of the dashboard is a scroll bar that lets you switch between views–RSV, Influenza, and COVID-19

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