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If you’re looking for talking points to help explain the COVID-19 Bivalent Booster, you can find them here.

LTC Vaccine Wall of Honor


Nebraska ICAP is excited to celebrate facilities that are promoting vaccinations to their residents!  The Vaccine Wall of Honor is a place for facilities to show how well they are doing and become inspired by other facilities in the state.

Up-to-date is currently defined as when a person has completed a COVID-19 vaccine primary series and has gotten the most recent, bivalent booster dose recommended by the CDC.  A person is also considered up-to-date if they have completed their primary series, but are not yet eligible for a booster.

In order to qualify, your facility will report their resident up-to-date status through this short, online survey:

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We are happy to highlight facilities who have reached milestones with this critical COVID-19 mitigation strategy.

Gold: More than 90% residents are up-to-date

Silver: More than 80% residents are up-to-date

Bronze: More than 70% residents are up-to-date

Good Samaritan Society | Superior, Ne

Our center was able to achieve the 90% resident up to date status with good education to the resident’s family. They understand the importance of vaccines to keep their family members healthy. We also give credit to our local physicians for working so close to us and their prompt response for giving the ok to give vaccines. The local hospital provided us with all the boosters in a quick and easy manner. We feel that our residents are protected against Covid-19 through the vaccination process.

Lori Renz

Good Shepherd Lutheran Community | Blair, Ne

Our residents welcomed the opportunity to receive the COVID vaccination from the very beginning. They wanted to do their part to help stop the spread of COVID. They received their first COVID vaccination on 12-29-2020. They have continued to welcome the opportunity to receive all the available COVID booster doses to include the Bivalent booster. We provided ongoing education, from the very beginning, to our residents and their family members/POA’s.

Mary Powell

Jefferson Community Health and Life Gardenside | Fairbury, Ne

All of our elders were more than willing to take their COVID series and boosters. Most felt it was their “duty” to get these vaccines to protect themselves, and others. One gentlemen said “Why wouldn’t I get it?” We discussed the COVID vaccine in our resident council and our elders wanted to live around others who were fully vaccinated as well. Moving forward, we made it an admission criteria that all new admits, needed to be fully vaccinated with boosters. Thank you!

Laura DeBoer

Kingswood Court | Superior, Ne

We have done lots of education and was able to have over 90% of residents to get vaccines. Everyone of the residents and families were on board and want to make sure that we keep it a safe and healthy place for them to live in.

Mary Kenley

Litzenberg Memorial LTC | Central City, Ne

From the beginning of the COVID-19 journey, all of our residents were excited for the vaccine to become available. To protect the residents who currently reside in our facility, we do not admit any new residents who are not willing to become up to date on the COVID vaccine.

Sally Berney

Tabitha of Crete | Crete, Ne

Barriers: Our biggest barrier is the number of vaccinations that have been required. Nearly all of our elders received their second monovalent booster, then shortly after, the bivalent booster came out. Elders and family members were more hesitant to receive the bivalent and questioning how many more vaccinations they will need in the future.

Feelings: Everyone is getting tired of restrictions, masking and repeated vaccinations. Continuous education, monitoring and emotional support for elders, family members and staff is ongoing. Our primary goal is to continue to do our best to keep our elders safe and healthy!

Kayla Williams

Community Pride Care Center | Battle Creek, Ne

We called family members of those residents who did not respond to the consent form that was mailed to the family (Families report that they do not always open mail from facility as they think that it is just the weekly update). We continue to ask/educate at least quarterly for those residents that are not up to date.

Donna Taylor

Wakefield Healthcare Center | Wakefield, Ne

Residents and Families are ready for the pandemic to be over; they [Residents and families] want to be able to enjoy interactions with friends, family, and staff without restrictions.

Traci Haglund

Brookestone View | Broken Bow, Ne

Rural Nebraska, a lot of people were very for the vaccine in the beginning and now a lot are very against the vaccine. Resident wise, we are above 70%. Staff, we are very low for up to date. We had residents who were up to date die in November 2022. That seemed to increase the negativity against the vaccine. We’ve also had unvaccinated residents test positive with no symptoms.
Having our public health department come in for Covid clinics was very helpful. Residents tend to be in favor. Just continuing education, continuing to ask.

Mackenzie Kulp




Dunklau Gardens | Fremont, Ne

When the vaccine first came out, the resident % rate was in the high 90 percentile. Now, it is much harder to get a resident or their POA to consent to another booster. It seems like with each new booster that came out we had less and less of our residents/POA’s that wanted to participate in receiving the vaccination. We continue to offer to each, and every new resident and we educate on the importance of being up to date with the vaccinations.

Rachel Real

Heritage Crossings | Geneva, Ne

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