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Dirty Drinks

Join your hosts as they get together with other Infectious Disease and Infection Prevention professionals for a chat over coffee.  They explore what keeps these professionals up at night and some relevant topics in the infectious disease and infection prevention world as well as just getting to know each other.

You never know what new thing you’ll be learning about!


Your hosts:

  • Rick Starlin, MD
  • Sarah Stream, MPH, CDIPC, CDA, FADAA
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @dirty_drinks and reach out to us if you want to be a guest on the show!
The views expressed in this podcast are those of the guests and hosts. These views do not represent the official standing of any public, state or federal entity.

Dirty Drinks Episode List

  1. Welcome to the Show
  2. Infection Prevention at it’s Finest: Kate Tyner
  3. Midwest Biocontainment and More: Dr. Angela Hewlett
  4. The Data Guy! Dan German
  5. The ID Unicorn: Dr. Kelly Cawcutt
  6. The TX to NE ID Pipeline: Dr. Nicolas Cortes-Penfield
  7. Tuberculosis and Swimming: Dr. Daniel Brailita
  8. A Special Place for Oncology: Dr. Andrea Zimmer
  9. Preparing for the Worst with the Best: Shelly Schwedhelm
  10. Pharmacy and Football: Dr. Andrew Watkins
  11. Crunchy Staph: Pam Falk
  12. Delusional Parasitosis: Dr. Richard Hankins
  13. Exploring the Hospitalist’s Space: Dr. Mark Shapiro
  14. Dental ID? Yes, That’s a Thing! Dr. Hardeep Chehal
  15. A Slimy, Mushy Discussion: Dr. Andrej Spec
  16. Broadway Lights and ID Insights: Dr. Priya Nori
  17. Long-term ID Care: Dr. Salman Ashraf
  18. Antibiotic Awareness Week 2021
  19. Diversity and Inclusion on a Global Scale: Dr. Nada Fadul
  20. ID Younglings: Dr. Johnathon Ryder and Dr. Laura Selby
  21. The Current State of Epidemiology: Dr. Matthew Donahue
  22. A Mashup: Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infectious Disease: Dr. Trevor VanSchooneveld
  23. State of the Union: Healthcare and COVID-19
  24. What about Emergency and Paramedicine? Richard Estep
  25. Breaking Bad Stewardship: Adi Shah
  26. Kids need ID support too! Dr. Alice Sato
  27. The Locals in Public Health: Allison Becker
  28. Global Risk and Epidemiology: Dr. David Brett-Major
  29. Clinical Research Superhero: Dr. Andre Kalil
  30. The Past, Present and Future of Infection Prevention: Terry Micheels
  31. World Tuberculosis Day
  32. Living the ID Dream: Dr. Mark Rupp
  33. Healthcare HEROES: Austin Brake
  34. Mental Health Day
  35. Pediatric Sepsis Week
  36. International Medical Challenges: Dr. Raj Karnatak
  37. World Hand Hygiene Day!
  38. Biocontainment Pioneers: Morgan Schrader
  39. What is ICAP and ASAP?
  40. Long COVID: Part 1
  41. Long COVID: Part 2
  42. Mentorship, Leadership and Research Writing: Dr. Gonzalo Bearman
  43. HIV Testing: What you need to know!
  44. Finding Novel IPs in Interesting Places: Dr. Scott Stienecker
  45. Nanobugs! Nancy Haberstitch
  46. National Immunization Awareness Month: Dr. Trevor VanSchooneveld and Dr. Alice Sato
  47. National Fungal Disease Awareness Month: Dr. Andrej Spec
  48. World Rabies Day: Dr. Terrance Scott and Mr. Kim Doyle
  49. Infection Prevention in Fire and Pre-hospital Medicine: Dr. Christine McGuire-Wolfe
  50. Neonatology and Group B Strep
  51. Influenza Vaccination Week
  52. Genomic Epidemiology and Parasites
  53. Transitioning Antibiotic Use

Bonus Episodes

  • Special Crossover Edition: SARS-CoV-2 and the Delta Variant
  • Special Edition: COVID-19 Vaccine Panel Q and A Discussion
  • Special Edition: The Omicron Variant
  • Special Edition: Monkey Pox: Identify, Isolate, Inform and Act
  • Special Edition: The Current RSV Situation
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